We are a graphic design studio, focused on printed and digital media for commercial, cultural and institutional field.

Our process: we ask many questions; we define a problem; we find a concept that works as solution. We try then to turn this concept in a clear and unique form.

It is easier to reach such a goal through a critic dialogue with the client: we want to establish a relationship rather than get a customer.

Side projects

Multiplo is also a project space, both for us and for the people who want to submit projects in line with the spirit of the studio.

Sometimes we used the space for exhibitions, workshops and research projects. We plan to continue. Feel free to get in touch.

Yes we have heard about GDPR. Here you find our Privacy Policy.


Multiplo is not hiring at the moment; however, all portfolios received will be examined and eventually considered for collaboration or internships.


This website is coded by Ivaaan. The typeface used is Toshi Omagari’s Neue Haas Unica from Monotype. Photos are credited in the single project pages. A big thank you to Alice Bressan for helping us with texts.


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